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Below are some videos from my YouTube channel, where I provide metaphysical insight & knowledge! Each video is followed with a brief description!


Check out each individual video here, or click YouTube link below to head to my channel; where you will find all my videos! Don't forget to subscribe! 


This video is my first Youutbe video I made, where I give my own personal introduction into who I am and why I get involved in the metaphysical world... It's a brief summary of how i got involved! 

Relaxing & Meditation

Here I give my thoughts on what relaxing and meditation is. I offer my personal experience and examples on how I relax and meditate in order to get to that "floating state of mind." Once this state of mind is obtained through a relaxed state, your metaphysical abilities and really flow and open up, allowing you to use all your abilities!

Stones & Stone Energy

A favorite topic of mine; stone energy!! I go over stones, crystals, and minerals... and how to feel the energy inside, I also describe the different energetic properties of different stones/minerals/crystals. Stone energy are like vitamins to our energy, and can greatly assist us metaphysically. You will also see examples of different combinations of stones being used for an increased effect!

Card readings: Rune cards, Tarot, Animal.

This video is on Card readings! Pulling Cards is communication with your spirit guides, and they are here to help!!! You will find examples of how I pull Rune cards, Tarot cards, and Animals cards! Watch me give myself a personal reading with all three decks! The synchronicity when pulling cards never ceases to amaze me!

Chakras, Core orientation; what's your core orientation?

What's your core orientation? What are chakras? Here I explain just one method you can use to find your core orientation!

ET's, Aliens, Greys, Annunaki Reptilians. Personal experiences with ETs.

Here I explain my personal experiences with ETs throughout my life. 

Stone Energy, Part 2!

This is part 2 of the stone energy series! with a wealth of information on more stones/crystals/minerals and their metaphysical properties 

My Aura photo & thoughts on waking up

I went to have my aura photo taken, and boy was I in for a surprise! The aura photo and my chakra photo are a close representation of my actual aura colors! In this video I also give my thoughts on the process of waking up, things that we all run into at some point.

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