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Thank you Frank, for my Spiritual Guide Meditation consult with you.  Your information was insightful and very useful to my own meditation process.  It is helping me comprehend guidance I am already receiving and how to intend more effectively.  I felt like you answered my questions very accurately as they resonated within.  I was also able to better experience the process by doing a mini meditation with you.  Powerful and helpful.  I appreciate your generosity with time.  I know that isn't always possible, though it was useful for me in that moment.  I highly recommend your services and stones to everyone interested in refining their metaphysical pursuits and enriching their life journey. --- Shatter Spell, 2021  

Dustin, 2020

I’ve been on the path of spiritual awakening for awhile now. Back in 2016 I got energy work done by Burcu and Jay and that turbo charged me immensely( in a very good way). I Heard of Frank Zhu though watching jays videos and had a good feeling about him immediately. I was nervous at first because I have not had a consult in 2 years but Frank is like an old Friend you have not seen in awhile.


He’s got a warm heart and is spot on accurate. I now have more confidence in my abilities ever since Frank taught me how to build up my energy in my solar plexus and it felt so natural like it was always a part of me. He also taught me how to separate my consciousness to astral project. I highly recommend coming to Frank Zhu for a spiritual consultation, you will not be disappointed. I’m also gonna check out some classes

Paula, 2019

“I feel lucky to have found trusted Frank Zhu, a person connected metaphysically in an authentic and solid manner.   

I was thrilled to be invited to consult with Frank. Upon our introduction, I felt comfortable; I do not trust easily, so it was refreshing to connect so readily.

Immediately following the consultation, I experienced a positive transition; I felt as though a halo of weight and muddiness had been lifted.  I felt empowered in a no-nonsense manner.  Those feelings or energy streams have continued. I feel as though my orientation to the metaphysical world has been further ignited.

Frank also helped me in choosing stones that can be beneficial to my healing. He has made himself available to help me realize the potential of these stone ‘tools.’

I plan to continue moving forward in a positive direction, and am grateful to know Frank can help me in that endeavor.”

Ken, 2019


1)      AMAZING! FANTASTIC! INCOMPARABLE- even!  You think that I’m kidding?  NO WAY! Frank is ‘ahead of the curve.’  He’s accomplishing what NO ONE else is doing among the metaphysical stone consultants- that I’m aware of.  He’s combined his love for stones and stone energy into a one-of-a kind talent for ‘reading your spirit,’ matching what you SPECIFICALLY need to enhance and accelerate your metaphysical growth and then throwing in some’ metaphysical  savvy’- all in one consult.  He makes learning about the ‘art of metaphysicality’ easier!  I’m happy beyond belief that- after 47 years- when he suggested purchasing handful of his special stones to ease my lower back pain, miraculously- it disappeared!!  THIS IS THE TRUTH!  And, guess what?  The stones have gone on to, now, ‘chill’ me into such soothing vibration that I can even sit back in my Lazy Boy chair and ‘coast’ without having  to drink wine after a hard day’s work!  This is so-o-o cool!!

2)      There’s a “new kid on the block,” only, he’s NOT a kid; he’s “Frank Zhu”- an AMAZING stone energy enthusiast and metaphysical stone seller whose consultation practice will inevitably lead him to certain wide-spread notoriety.  He’s ‘SPOT ON’ when it comes to ‘reading your spirit’ and suggesting a line of stones to enhance whatever you deem necessary to build your body’s frequencies stronger.  Take his advice seriously as it can make ALL the difference in the world, particularly, when he can accurately sense metaphysical needs that even YOU are not aware of!  After consulting with him, I’m convinced that I’ll NEVER refer to another stone proprietor and consultant, again.  I’m ‘hooked’!!!  Good Luck!!!

3)      What can I say?  As a ‘senior’ person, I’m EXTREMELY happy working with Frank Zhu.  Why?  Because, he’s taken the chore out of understanding stone-energy so that I don’t have to LABORIOUSLY read Melody’s vast line of ‘Love is in the Earth” books for myself.  THEN, combine it with the metaphysical knowledge from other books so “I can skillfully learn the ‘art of metaphysicality’?  NO way- NO can do; no time.  He’s MY shortcut to the heavens.  It’s “WORTH” it for us senior to just “go to Frank” and let him do all the work, I think; BELIEVE ME on this point. His fee structure is reasonable and, in fact, is such that I can afford to even re-counsel with him, again, in the future- which I’ve already done.  The guy is way cool, friendly and patiently answers all my questions.  Now, using the stones that he recommended to me that I eventually purchase, I can REALLY shoot for the ‘stars.’  Ya can’t go wrong with Frank’s stones, folks!

4)      “Come one- come ALL.”  Frank’s business is all about ‘stones and stone energy’ and a one-stop shopping/counseling place to go to.  I’ve discovered that he “takes care of it all!”  Not only did he set me up with a fantastic array of energetic stones but, he gave me the educational boost of, “HOW to feel stone energy,” explaining it simply and with GIANT enthusiasm.  I swear, he seems to know so much about stones and stone-energy that he probably sleeps with a bunch in his bed at night.  I’m only new to this massive field of metaphysical understanding and I really think that ANYONE- novice or experienced- will benefit from his extensive knowledge base for what it can add to and do for themselves.  Hopefully, when I order more stones in the future, that he can help me with those physical issues that crop up from time-to-time.  I believe that he can; they say stone-energy is geared that way.  “SENIORS”….TAKE NOTICE OF THIS GENTLEMAN in your advancing years!

Gordana Salkovic, 2019 Canada

 My friend and I had recently a consultation with Frank. It was so great we decided to have it second time. Frank is so amazing and calm individual able to answer any question that we ask and trust me there were so many questions. I personally would recommend Frank to anyone he's such a sweet and kind person. I also referred him to another friend of mine who also had wonderful experience with Frank. He honestly knows what he's talking about. I call him my friend because that's how I feel.

Susan Longaphie, 2019 Canada

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial about my consult with Frank.  I have seen 5 different people this year before my consult with Frank.  Wow! I so wish I had found him first.  It is like having a conversation with your old friend. The ease and comfort and heart I felt was so authentic and refreshing.  Frank is very strong metaphysically and can tell you so much you don't know, but want to.  I only see Frank now.  He is always helpful and accurate.  Frank has taught me many exercises to increase my abilities and I find that to be an exceptional resource that is hard to find in others.  I am grateful to Frank for being here to help me maneuver through this life and answer all my questions. 

Thank you Frank
With heart felt love

Susan Longaphie

Daniel Diorio, 2019 USA

"Very reliable and close to the heart. Frank Zhu has always cared and answered my questions with clarity. I have nothing but good things to say. If your looking for information about stones then you are in the right place as I have learned more here then in most other places, and I highly recommend attending one of his seminars when he gives them. I definitely owe it to Frank for helping me wake up"

"Very reliable and close to the heart. Frank Zhu has always cared and answered my questions with clarity. I have nothing but good things to say. If your looking for information about stones then you are in the right place as I have learned more here then in most other places, and I highly recommend attending one of his seminars when he gives them. I definitely owe it to Frank for helping me wake up"

Luann, 2019 USA

I’ve been doing what I could to practice my metabilities since getting a crank up and then later, an ICUC (in 2017) from Jay Essex, but I’ve had so many questions and was having hit or miss experiences using my scanner and my pineal. In learning a new skill, it’s very helpful to have someone right there with you, confirming when you’re doing something right, and giving guidance when you wander off course. Frank gives specific feedback while you’re in the process that really helps you focus on the mechanics of using the different energy centers. He’s a great teacher. And he’s so laid back and chill, he’s the perfect guide for exploring new territory. The class was a blast and I experienced successes I believe I can reproduce because now I know what the various processes feel like in my own body. Great class. Absolutely the best bang for your buck out there. Luann Sessions April 4, 2019

Yoshi, 2019 Japan

In these classes, you’ll learn how to see with your pineal and scanner, sensing with your heart, and sending energy.
I have been trying to meditate, but never focused on particular energy centers to see and feel. The
best I did in the classes is when I tried to see with my pineal. I did see images of figures that I don’t
think would have come from my head…that was cool. Classes like this motivates you, and can confirm what you are recognising; giving you a more clear idea of what metaphysical abilities are.

Phillip, 2019 USA

“I had the privilege of being one their first students. To be honest since it was the first class I wasn’t expecting it to be as planned out and structured as it was. It was like they had been doing for it sometime. I was very impressed by the organization and structure of the material. The one-on-one attention was excellent which was just what I needed. Before the class I didn’t think I was able to see anything at all with my pineal but after the first class they helped me realize that I was already seeing with it and proved to me that I was actually using it. This was a huge confidence boost. And my confidence continued to grow each ensuing class. To be honest when I first signed up I had a limited mindset that I wouldn’t be able to do all the exercises, especially the last ones, but they helped me break through my limited mindset. It felt very natural. I recommend this to anyone who wants to start using their abilities especially if you have any self-doubt. One of the best things I have ever done. Thank you guys so much.”

Genia Gazda, Vienna, Austria. April 2018

When we started the consult, I was a little nervous and excited because I didn't know what to
expect. But Frank, Aya and Hitomi are such wonderful people, they made it so easy for me to
feel warmly welcome and my nervousness vanished right away. Instead, I had the feeling of
meeting dear old friends. I was so happy to talk with them.

Frank even managed to make me try astral projection which I hadn't done ever before. I had
always wanted to but never trusted and believed in myself enough to actually try it, since I
was wrongly under the impression that I can't ‘see’ with my metaphysical eyes. But he proved
to me that my way of "seeing" is different, it is ‘knowing’ rather than seeing images; since I'm solar plexus orientated, I tend to just "know" things, not "see" them. He helped me to relax.

(which usually is very hard for me) and astral project to a certain space. And it really worked!
I accurately described what was happening.

I thank you all from my heart for your time, your help and your love! And thank you for
making me trust in myself again! I know you will do some wonderful, incredible work in the
future - helping and inspiring people

You rock! (as Jay would say) :-)

Tim Gerwert, Germany. April 2018

Wow.... that was a huge one for me!


My first consult ever, i was sooo nervous at start but it went away instantly. It felt like a conversation with friends, no presure no akward silence it was funny and it was eye opening i trust myself better now! In gamerterms : it was a very big and important Savepoint. its like a new level from now on! :D

Yuvraj Ajay Singh, India. April 2018

This was my first interaction with someone from Metaphysical community and oh boy, it was eye opening. I was judging myself, my chakras and progress wrongly since last few months.


Frank really resolved all my queries to the T. He gave so many insights. Apart from this knowledge and experience, a particular quality which really inspired me is his patience & calmness in dealing with all the questions i had.


Even though it was email, but the words exuded both the qualities, i cud feel him write with those qualities. Initially, i was wondering if i am intruding by asking so many questions but he always welcomed all my questions. I am eagerly waiting for his to open his other readings. Will be the first one to order.

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