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Personal & Business 1 on 1 spiritual consultations /w free energy work


Meditation + Relaxing Course

Hands-on Interactive course on training different meditation & relaxing techniques.


Metaphysical Abilities Courses

Hands-on "metability" training courses to awaken & access your own metaphysical abilities!

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Hands-on intensive Telepahty Training course!


Consultation + Metaphysical Abilities Course

Combination of 1 personal Consultaiton + 1 Metability course of your choice!

 Spiritual Consultations


Personal Consultation + Free Energy Work!


I offer personal, 1 on 1 consultations face to face through Skype. I provide spiritual advice to help you in awakening and understanding your complete self! These consults consist of: Identifying your strongest energy center & how to use it, identifying your auric colors, stones that pair good with your energy, finding out about your past lives, clearing any energy blockages you might have, etc and any other questions you might have!! My goal is to assist you in your own awakening by offering my spiritual advice and understanding. I can answer many questions to the best of my ability by using my own metaphysical abilities and accessing the field. With The personal consultation also comes free energy work! I can clear out any energetic blockages you might have, as well as activate your own energy/charkas. 

(1hr : 300 USD)

(If you live in Northern California, are intereted in a personal consultation, and would like to meet in-person, please let me know in your email!)

Email Consultation

I can answer 3 questions for you via email. I do not need to talk or see you face to face in order to access what you are seeking. The information will be provided in detail to the best of my ability without being in consult. You will recieve a reply Via email with the answers for your questions.

(3 questions : 100 USD)


Metability Courses!
(Metaphysical Ability Courses)


We all have abilities that society has labeled "Gifted" or "Physic." In reality, these are metaphysical abilities that are accessible to everyone. I'm here to help you awaken your own metaphysical abilities!


How would you like to; 


- read frequencies
- see aura colors

- astral project 
- remote view 
- gain knowledge from the field
- read feelings and emotions through heart energy
- feel and see Stone Energy
- connect with Gaia, Animals, Plants, etc
- connect with our friends and family in space

And much more!

The way of life as we know it now will change dramatically in the coming years. A huge part of that change will be moving towards the metaphysical. People everywhere are becoming more awake now. Realizing that there is more than the physical world; more than what meets the eye. 

Metability courses are taken face to face, via skype! They will focus on these 3 energy fields below.

- Pineal energy field intensive metability course


( Seeing with the Pineal, Astral projection, multi dimensional seeing )

- Heart energy field intensive metability course


( Sending & receiving energy. Reading frequencies, emotions, feelings, understanding the heart's emapthic abilities ) 

- Solar plexus energy field intensive metability course

( Using your Gut intuition, remote viewing with the scanner )

   Metability Course Options:

- 1 on 1 1.5hr single intensive metaphysical ability course of your choice

( You choose 1 of the 3 intensive metability courses. )


250 USD


Interested in more than one course? 


Intensive 4 day Metability course, Covering all 3 energy fields & How to use them. 

  Day 1 : Feeling stone energy + Pineal energy field course (90min)

  Day 2 : Feeling stone energy + Heart energy field course (90min)

  Day 3 : Feeling stone energy + Solar Plexus energy field course  (90min)

  Day 4 : Hands-on Conclusion of all energy fields combined, . (60min)

There will be a maximum of 3 students in the Intensive 3 day Metability course.

600 USD 




These intensive Metability courses will give you the confidence in expressing yourself metaphysically by using your metaphysical abilities, therefor taking your awakening to the next level!


For all Course, please try to obtain the following stones for practice during the course:

  Pineal Energy Course: Lapis Lazuli, Celesitie, Selenite 

  Heart Energy Course : Green & Red Aventurine, Rhodonite

  Solar Plexus Energy Course : Citrine, Yellow Aventurine


Consultation + Metability Course 

Consult + meability

Interested in a Personal Consultation (skype) + a Metability course of your choosing? I offer a full Spiritual Consultation + 1 Metability Course. 

( 1 on 1 2 Hrs : 450 USD ) 


Meditation & Relaxing course 

relaxing meditaion

One of the key elements of unlocking your innate metaphysical abilities is to relax!

By relaxing, we are calmer and in a more focused state of mind. Only then can we begin to tap into our amazing metaphysical abilities that we were all born with, by flowing within ourselves.

Do you have a hard time relaxing? Is your mind wandering when you try to sit still and meditate? 

I offer a 60 minute 1 on 1 Meditation & Relaxing course where I share with you my personal techniques that I've acculminated through the years on how to meditate & relax. 

By the end of this course, you will be equipped with effective methods of relaxing and calming the mind; all of which are necessary for your energy and metaphysical abilities to flow properly 

( 1 on 1 60min Meditation & Relaxing course 250 USD )



Telepathy Course

With so many different languages on this planet alone, and many other E.T races across in the universe, how do our ET friends in space communicate?

Is there a common language they all speak?

The answer is, Yes! There is a common language among every ET race; telepathy.

Telepathy is the universal language & the universal method of communication.


Telepathy is not spoken verbally, but rather an communication of images, thought process, feelings, and emotions. 

Telepathy is a metaphysical ability that you are naturally born with! Learn how to begin accessing this power with the Telepathy Course!

( 1 on 1 1.5hrs  intensive telepathy training course 300 USD )


To book/schedule any services offered above, please

contact me via email, with your name and

type of service you are interested in!

Please note your availability in the email, Once we have a


 date scheduled, I'll send you an invoice via PayPal. 

All payments to be paid in full prior to the session. 

Contact Me!

Thanks for submitting!


All services listed above are for Spiritual Advice.  They are the opinion of Frank Zhu and to be received as such.  When you make an appointment it is taken as fact that you understand this. Frank Zhu Prides himself on providing accurate and honest information. The future is always changing so he never makes claims in his consultations about that. Each consultation is considered an event.  Purchasing an appointment is like purchasing a ticket.  If you don't show, you receive no refund.  The event was not cancelled if you don't show.  There are no refunds; However, Frank Zhu will re-schedule to an appropriate time where as both parties will be readily available. Any information and/or advice displayed on this website or provided by Frank Zhu in consults should not be construed as medical, financial, or legal advice; Frank Zhu disclaims all liability from actions taken or not taken based on the information provided on this website or in consultation. 

Information received through Frank Zhu or this website should not be considered secure, nor is it deemed confidential. Unless specifically stated, communication between Frank Zhu and clients via email or through the website does not constitute as a qualified professional; nor does it provide any client confidentiality privilege.


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