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          My name is Frank, I am a metaphysical practitioner & spiritualist who has assisting others in their own spiritual awakening. Simply put, a metaphysical/spiritual awakening is being aware that we are much more than physical bodies, being aware of our true selves. 

We're living in rapidly changing times now, and people are becoming more aware of themselves. Everyone is searching for answers to questions such as, Why am I here? What's my life purpose? What happens when we die? Do Aliens exist? Are ghosts real? What is spirit? What is the ringing in my ears? Why do I keep seeing 11:11? Why am I seeing flashes of light out the corners of my eyes?


            More and more people around the world are experiencing a spiritual awakening. People are now realizing that there is more to the world than the physical. Everyone is born with metaphysical abilities, they are a natural part of who you are; however, they have been dormant within us. Isn't it time now to wake up and be aware of the metaphysical and spiritual world that is all around us?

Here you'll find a plethora of information, services, consultations, and merchandise; all tools to assist you in your awakening!


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Paula, 2019


I hope you’re pleased with the following testimonial. Feel free to edit as needed:
“I feel lucky to have found trusted Frank Zhu, a person connected metaphysically in an authentic and solid manner.   
I was thrilled to be invited to consult with Frank. Upon our introduction, I felt comfortable; I do not trust easily, so it was refreshing to connect so readily.
Immediately following the consultation, I experienced a positive transition; I felt as though a halo of weight and muddiness had been lifted.  I felt empowered in a no-nonsense manner.  Those feelings or energy streams have continued. I feel as though my orientation to the metaphysical world has been further ignited.
Frank also helped me in choosing stones that can be beneficial to my healing. He has made himself available to help me realize the potential of these stone ‘tools.’
I plan to continue moving forward in a positive direction, and am grateful to know Frank can help me in that endeavor.”


Luann, 2019 


I’ve been doing what I could to practice my metabilities since getting a crank up and then later, an ICUC (in 2017) from Jay Essex, but I’ve had so many questions and was having hit or miss experiences using my scanner and my pineal. In learning a new skill, it’s very helpful to have someone right there with you, confirming when you’re doing something right, and giving guidance when you wander off course. Frank gives specific feedback while you’re in the process that really helps you focus on the mechanics of using the different energy centers. He’s a great teacher. And he’s so laid back and chill, he’s the perfect guide for exploring new territory. The class was a blast and I experienced successes I believe I can reproduce because now I know what the various processes feel like in my own body. Great class. Absolutely the best bang for your buck out there. Luann Sessions April 4, 2019


Ken, 2019 


1) AMAZING! FANTASTIC! INCOMPARABLE- even!  You think that I’m kidding?  NO WAY! Frank is ‘ahead of the curve.’  He’s accomplishing what NO ONE else is doing among the metaphysical stone consultants- that I’m aware of.  He’s combined his love for stones and stone energy into a one-of-a kind talent for ‘reading your spirit,’ matching what you SPECIFICALLY need to enhance and accelerate your metaphysical growth and then throwing in some’ metaphysical  savvy’- all in one consult.  He makes learning about the ‘art of metaphysicality’ easier!  I’m happy beyond belief that- after 47 years- when he suggested purchasing handful of his special stones to ease my lower back pain, miraculously- it disappeared!!  THIS IS THE TRUTH!  And, guess what?  The stones have gone on to, now, ‘chill’ me into such soothing vibration that I can even sit back in my Lazy Boy chair and ‘coast’ without having  to drink wine after a hard day’s work!  This is so-o-o cool!!

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